Seasons & This Oddish Woman: One Year in Blogging

2013-2014 Blog

A word cloud of the first year of The Oddish Chronicles

This month, The Oddish Chronicles turned one. It has been a jam-packed year full of exciting adventures and painful times. Through it all, one lesson sticks out to me. Life is not about me, nor is justice based upon my feelings. Life is about God, and He is the standard. His character is the definition of love, justice, and good. He gives, and He takes away. Yet we can always, because of His perfect goodness, bless His name. This affects everything, including our relationships with others.

During this year, I faced several new challenges. I came into a very different school and living situation—a new era, in fact. I also had a significant birthday, which brought with it several changes. I struggled with doubts in my faith and hard disappointments. Then, a surprise blessing from God came, and I was floored and completely unsure of how to respond. More struggle ensued, and, ultimately, the direction of my near future is becoming a bit clearer.

Still the direction for the future is far from a visible blueprint. A myriad of decisions stand before me, and I simply must take them moment-by-moment in the grace of God through prayer, reading His word, hard work, and seeking wise counsel.

Additionally, at the beginning of last month, I found a lump where no woman wants to find one, especially with my family’s cancer-laden history. I do not have cancer, but I had a minor surgery this month to remove my benign tumor called a fibroadenoma.

Regardless of what happens in the future, I am reminded that God is good. No matter the season—hurricane-stormy or surprisingly breezy—I can trust Him.

And so the oddish adventures of this woman who has been drawn into the love and grace of Christ continue both in the joys and the struggles. He is worth every step and is the best Guide I know. I can’t imagine going through life without the One who took my sin and my ultimate suffering away while giving me hope that, in Him, cannot be destroyed. The Lord is my strength, my salvation, and my song (Psalm 118:14).


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